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Valorisation of Food Waste to Biogas
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Journal papers
Yirong et al. 2017 Influence of ammonia in the anaerobic digestion of food waste journal link  
Serna-Maza et al. 2017 In situ biogas stripping of ammonia from a digester using a gas mixing system journal link  
Tampio et al. 2016 Agronomic characteristics of five different urban waste digestates journal link  
Serna-Maza et al. 2015 Biogas stripping of ammonia from fresh digestate from a food waste digester journal link  
Tampio et al. 2015 Characteristics and agronomic usability of digestates from laboratory digesters treating food waste and autoclaved food waste journal link  
Blasio et al. 2014 Dynamics of microbial communities in untreated and autoclaved food waste anaerobic digesters journal link  
Chu et al. 2014 Modelling fuel consumption in kerbside source segregated food waste collection: separate collection and co-collection open source (pdf) journal link  
Nock et al. 2014

Modeling the Water Scrubbing Process and Energy Requirements for CO2 Capture to Upgrade Biogas to Biomethane open source (pdf) journal link

Yirong et al. 2014

Effect of a trace element addition strategy on volatile fatty acid accumulation in thermophilic anaerobic digestion of food waste open source (pdf) journal link

Chinellato et al. 2013 Biohydrogen production from food waste in batch and semi-continuous conditions: evaluation of a two-phase approach with digestate recirculation and control
open source (pdf)           journal link
Facchin et al. 2013 Batch and continuous mesophilic anaerobic digestion of food waste: effect of trace elements supplementation pdf
Gredmaier et al. 2013 Seasonal yield and fuel consumed for domestic, organic waste collections in currently operational dorr-to-door and bring-type collection systems pdf
Serna-Maza et al. 2013 Ammonia removal in food waste anaerobic digestion using a side-stream stripping process  
Tampio et al. 2013 Anaerobic digestion of autoclaved and untreated food waste. open source (pdf) journal link.  
Jiang et al. 2012 Strategies for stable anaerobic digestion of vegetable waste. (Renewable Energy) link
Jiang et al. 2012 Determination of long chain fatty acids in anaerobic digesters using a rapid derivatisation GC-FID method pdf
Walker et al. 2012 Ammonia removal in anaerobic digestion by biogas stripping: An evaluation of process alternatives using a first order rate model based on experimental findings link
Zhang et al. 2012 Co-digestion of source segregated domestic food waste to improve process stability. (Bioresource Technology) link
Banks et al. 2011 Energetic and environmental benefits of co-digestion of food waste and cattle slurry: A preliminary assessment. (Resources, Conservation and Recycling) link
Banks et al. 2011 Trace element requirements for stable food waste digestion at elevated ammonia concentrations. (Bioresource Technology) link
Bolzonella et al. 2011 Valorizzazione energetica della frazione organica di rifiuti solidi urbani: esperienze industrali pdf
Cavinato et al. 2011 Two-phase thermophilic anaerobic digestion process for biohythane production treating biowaste: preliminary results (Water Science & Technology)
open source (pdf)               journal link
Cavinato et al. 2011 Optimization of two-phase thermophilic anaerobic digestion of biowaste for hydrogen and methane production through reject water recirculation, (Bioresource Technology)
open source (pdf)                journal link
Cavinato et al. 2010 Two-phase thermophilic anaerobic digestion of biowaste for bio-hythane production: yields and feasibility of the process pdf
Posters and presentations
Arnold 2013 ADBA R&D Forum presentation on VALORGAS outputs  
VALORGAS 2013 Research*EU results magazine page 17 article  
Adam et al. 2013 Improving biogas production by co-digestion of cattle slurry and foodwaste pdf
Bolzonella et al. 2013 Tra idrogeno e metano: il bio-hythane da biomasse di scarto pdf
Chu et al. 2013 Modelling Fuel Consumption in Kerbside Source Segregated Food Waste Collection: Separate Collection and Co-collection
        Paper                Presentation
Gottardo et al. 2013 Dark fermentation optimization by anaerobic digested sludge recirculation: effects on hydrogen production pdf
Kusch et al 2013 Compositional analysis of food waste entering the source segregation stream in four European regions and implications for valorisation via anaerobic digestion (Sardinia 2013)  
Kusch 2013 Food and Bioenergy - Reducing Competitions and Fostering Synergies pdf
Luostarinen 2013 Farm-scale biogas production in Northern Europe pdf
Serna-Maza et al. 2013 Ammonia removal in food waste anaerobic digestion using a side-stream process pdf
Tampio et al. 2013 Anaerobic Digestion of Food Waste: Effect of Autoclave Pre-treatment on NH4-N pdf
Tampio et al 2013 Biokaasuprosessilla Biojätteet Lannoitteiksi (in Finnish) pdf
Tawatsin et al. 2013 Life Cycle Assessment of Waste to Energy Processes: Incineration and Anaerobic Digestion pdf
Yirong et al. 2013 Comparison of mesophilic and thermophilic digestion of food waste pdf
Cavinato et al. 2011 Biohythane production from the organic fraction of municipal solid waste: improving existing anaerobic digestion plants.
        Paper                Presentation
Cavinato et al 2011 Ottimizzazione del processo di digestione anerobica a fasi seperate dei rifiuti organici per la produzione di bio-hythane. Settimama dell'Ambiente. (in Italian) pdf
Giuliano et al. 2011 SS-OFMSW sorting approaches oriented to anaerobic digestion: preliminary comparison for full scale implementation. pdf
Jiang et al. 2011 Determination of Long Chain Fatty Acids in Anaerobic Digesters treating source segregated food waste using a rapid non-derivatisation GC-FID method pdf
Paavola 2011 Biokaasututkimus Suomessa Mitä selvitetään ja miksi? Onko meillä biokaasupotentiaalia? (in Finnish) pdf
Rintala 2011 Sivutuotteiden ja j tteiden energiajalosteet. (in Finnish) pdf
Rintala 2011 Synergies between energy and material efficiency on farms. pdf
Zhang 2011 Lab scale studies to troubleshoot instability issues in food waste digesters. pdf
Zhang 2011 Trace element supplementation for stable food waste digestion. pdf
Cavinato et al. 2010 Production of hydrogen and methane (biohythane) by 2-phase anaerobic digestion of highly biodegradable organic waste pdf
Cavinato et al. 2010 Two-phase thermophilic anaerobic digestion of biowaste for biohythane production: yields and feasibility of the process pdf
Rintala 2010 Suomen Biokaasuyhdistyksen seminaari, Helsinki. (in Finnish) pdf
  2013 VALORGAS Final Publishable Summary - draft pdf
  2013 VALORGAS Year 3 Publishable Summary - draft pdf
2012 VALORGAS Year 2 Publishable Summary pdf
2011 VALORGAS Year 1 Publishable Summary pdf
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    Ludwig Gredmaier's OpenLCA tutorials link
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  2011 VALORGAS workshop at IWA ADSW&EC conference, Vienna (opens in a new window)  
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