Work packages
Valorisation of Food Waste to Biogas
 Jyväskylä summer school 2013
  Anaerobic digestion fundamentals 1 1.8 MB
  Anaerobic digestion fundamentals 2 1.8 MB
  Monitoring and lab analysis - assays 1.8 MB
  Introduction to AD engineering 1a 0.5 MB
  Introduction to AD engineering 1b 2.5 MB
  Introduction to AD engineering 2 0.6 MB
  Energy crops anaerobic digestion: crops, ensiling and pre-treatments 4.2 MB
  Anaerobic digestion of energy crops: European case studies 2.0 MB
  Matching process design to feedstock characteristics 2.1 MB
  AD of food waste: from pilot demo to full scale 2.0 MB
  Supporting research for successful food waste AD 2.6 MB
  Mechanical pre-treatment processes for residual wastes 3.0 MB
  Examples in Europe of 'wet' and 'dry' anaerobic digestion processes 4.7 MB
  Energy balances from anaerobic digestion 1.1 MB
Economics of anaerobic digestion 0.3 MB
Biogas upgrading 3.0 MB
Digestate quality, standards and nutrient recovery potential 4.9 MB
Biogas - an industrial perspective 4.2 MB
Life cycle assessment 1.7 MB
Biogas - a world overview 3.1 MB
  Introduction to Kalmari Farm Biogas Plant 1.8 MB