Work packages
Valorisation of Food Waste to Biogas
No. Title Lead partner Availability Delivery month Download
D2.1 Compositional analysis of food waste from study sites in geographically distinct regions of Europe MTT Public 13
D2.2 Assessment of typical source segregated food waste collection schemes in operation in Europe detailing factors influencing yield, capture rates and efficiency Veolia Public 19
D2.3 Case study for collection schemes serving the South Shropshire Biowaste Digester Greenfinch Public 25
D2.4 Case study for collection schemes serving the Valorsul AD plant Valorsul Public 25
D2.5 Institutional and community food waste generation rates and appropriateness of scale for on-site utilisation for second generation biofuel production by AD IIT Public 28
D2.6 Quantitative evaluation of enhanced recovery potential of recyclables from food-excluded residual waste streams and impact on energy balance Veolia Public 36
D2.7 Results from LCA and energy footprint modelling for optimisation of collection methods and equipment Soton1 Partners 31 partners only
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D3.1 Initial assessment of methods for ammonia removal from food waste Soton2 Partners 16 partners only
D3.2 Initial assessment of pathogen destruction and improved gas production from food waste MTT Partners 16 partners only
D3.3 Biokinetic and biosecurity data and operating protocols from optimisation of autoclave and cell disruption pre-treatment MTT Public 28
D3.4 Baseline mass and energy balance around technical-scale digestion plant AnDigestion Public 40
D3.5 Kinetics of H2 production in short retention thermophilic hydrolysis reactors with assessment of impact on overall system energy yield UNIVR Public 28
D3.6 Full assessment of the feasibility of ammonia removal from food waste for improved operational stability and gas production Soton2 Partners 40 partners only
D3.7 Experimental data from pre-treatment studies in technical-scale digestion plant AnDigestion Partners 40 partners only
D4.1 Description of problems associated with ammonia toxicity and trace metal deficiency in mesophilic and thermophilic digestion of high nitrogen wastes Soton2 Public 13
D4.2 A mass and energy balance from a full-scale mesophilic digester operating on food waste Greenfinch Partners 32 partners only
D4.3 A mass and energy balance from a full-scale thermophilic digester operating on food waste Valorsul partners 32 partners only
D4.4 Experimental data on mesophilic and thermophilic anaerobic microbial consortia as a basis for design of process interventions to achieve stable food waste digestion Soton2 Public 40
D4.5 Final recommendations for trace element and nutrient supplementation for stable operation of digesters receiving food waste Soton2 Public 40
D4.6 Technical solutions to allow digesters operating on high nitrogen food waste to achieve the maximum energy yield UNIVR Partners 40 partners only
D4.7 Strategies for alleviation of operational problems and potential for nutrient recovery through precipitation reactions UNIVE Partners 40
D5.1 Evaluation of potential technologies and operational scales reflecting market needs for low-cost gas upgrading systems JyU Public 19
D5.2 Evaluation of existing low-cost gas bottling systems for vehicle use adaptation in developing economies IIT Public 19
D5.3 Case and feasibility studies of small-scale upgrading applications in Europe and India JyU Public 28
D5.4 Results of design, construction and testing of low-cost modular biogas upgrading systems Metener Partners 32 partners only
D5.5 Potential for pressure-swing cell disruption as a biogas upgrading method ESI Public 37
D5.6 Evaluation of the role of small-scale biogas upgrading as a means of contributing to local transportation needs in the EU and India IIT Public 39
D6.1 Data on the operations involved in food waste management for energy recovery presented in a standardised format for use in comparative life cycle assessment Veolia Public 32
D6.2 Evaluation of the quality, biosecurity and agronomic usefulness of digestates from different digester trials MTT Partners 37
D6.3 Output from an energy and carbon footprint model verified against primary data collected as part of the research Soton1 Public 42
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D6.4 Quantification of the potential contribution of biogas from food waste as a second generation biofuel to energy security and diversification in the EU Soton1 Public